Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dumukurallu Waterfalls( Kaigal falls)

Dumukurallu falls are located near Kaigal village in Chittore district a place that is near the boarder of three states Andhra,Karntaka& Tamilnadu , approximately 200KM from Chennai . The name Dumukurallu came as the sound of the waterfalls resembles with boulders falling from top when there is lot of water during rainy season.

After returning from Picnic of Kolli hills ,I was still in picnic mood and wanted to visit one more place.

Saturday, 20.10.2007 afternoon : From Chennai depot, I boarded a bus to Palamaner. There I stayed in a lodge room & spent entire evening by roaming around and then went to a movie. The movie is a dubbed english horror movie 'Bloodrayne', in Telugu titled as 'Bharavakota'. Thrilled to watch a vampire movie in almost empty hall.., hardly there were 15 people in the entire hall.

Nextday morning, I boarded a bus that goes towards Kuppam. After getting down at Kaigal village, saw a mile stone showing that the falls are one and half kilometres from there.

I walked throught the mud road , saw some sign boards about that protected forest area, Krisnamurthy foundation, rare plants etc , reached a checkpost .All the vechicles are to be halted there only and the visitors need to go further by foot.

The climate was pleasant & after walking another 15 minutes , found few people near the falls. I gave my camera to one of them requesting to take my photographs. Most of them are from Kolar in Karnataka, a place 40KM from there.

Due to lack of rains at that time , there wasn't much force in the water , but one way it was safer. After spending two hours there, I took lunch ,thenI returned to Palamaner to board a bus to Chennai.


anjaly said...

nice pics...have been to those places in yercaud yu mentioned...only i have no pics..which is the hotel you stayed? me, i stayed in Uma Lodge next to the bus stand...a smallish, funstional lodge with an old man, grumpy beyond words who first refused to give me a room!

Sukumaru said...

I stayed in a Lodge 'Aishwaryam Inn' , few metres away from the circular junction.

Ashwin said...

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